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<p>The Social Value of Culture,<br />
by Antonio Monegal</p>


The Social Value of Culture,
by Antonio Monegal

May 2024

Culture is a collection of knowledge that allows us to survive and connects us to our roots and values. However, it is also the driving force behind our critical thinking and bolsters our ability to decide.

<p>Longevity by Irene Lebrusán</p>


Longevity by Irene Lebrusán

March 2024

We are living increasingly longer. Promoting healthy and inclusive lifestyles works to the benefit of society as a whole.

<p>The Social Contract,<br />
by Antón Costas</p>


The Social Contract,
by Antón Costas

January 2024

In this new interview from the Social Observatory Café, economist Antón Costas reflects on how to renew our social contract.

<p>Mental health and suicide in teenagers,<br />
by Francisco Villar</p>


Mental health and suicide in teenagers,
by Francisco Villar

December 2023

Francisco Villar is the coordinator of the suicidal behaviour care programme for minors at Hospital Sant Joan de Déu in Barcelona. We spoke to him about the reasons that can lead a teenager to start out on the path towards suicide and about what we can do to prevent these situations.

<p>Going Viral,<br />
by Ester Lázaro</p>


Going Viral,
by Ester Lázaro

June 2023

Ester Lázaro, a researcher at the Centre for Astrobiology and an expert on viruses, speaks about the parallels between biology and sociology on a topic that touches us all: going viral.

<p>Stress and freedom,<br />
by Ernesto Castro</p>


Stress and freedom,
by Ernesto Castro

May 2023

Ernesto Castro is a writer, philosopher and professor at the Autonomous University of Madrid. In this conversation, he talks about the intrinsic relationship between the stress we live with and the freedom we desire.

<p>Vida digitalizada, por Marta del Amo</p>


Vida digitalizada, por Marta del Amo

May 2023

Marta del Amo, technology journalist and editorial coordinator of Retina, shares with us some tips on how to deal with our relationship with the digitalized world.

<p>Fragility,<br />
by Joan-Carles Mèlich</p>


by Joan-Carles Mèlich

March 2023

Joan-Carles Mèlich, professor of Philosophy of Education at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and a leading thinker and essayist, explains why it’s necessary to take back fragility and vulnerability as pillars for a committed and fully human life.

<p>La polarización social, por Míriam Juan Torres</p>


La polarización social, por Míriam Juan Torres

January 2023

Míriam Juan Torres, researcher at the Othering & Belonging Institute at UC Berkeley and senior advisor at More in Common, tells us all about so-called 'social polarisation' and why it exists.

<p>El aburrimiento, por Josefa Ros</p>


El aburrimiento, por Josefa Ros

October 2022

Josefa Ros, philosopher and researcher at the Complutense University of Madrid, shares some important information about an experience that everyone has gone through: boredom.

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