Incorpora Programme

Incorpora is a socio-occupational integration programme that promotes the occupational integration of people in a situation of or at risk of social exclusion

Rosa Suñol, director
Instituto Avedis Donabedian – UAB

1. Problem

The destruction of employment is considerable in Europe, but in Spain it has been especially intense and has largely affected young people.

Among the structural weaknesses that influence this phenomenon prominent is the high rate of early school leaving, the polarisation of the labour market, the low relative weight of post-secondary vocational training and the difficult access to the labour market for groups at risk of social exclusion.
It is necessary to add to these risk factors those of a socioeconomic type: living in an unfavourable environment, having no income, being a victim of possible situations of abuse, etc. Specifically, among the young people attended to by the Incorpora Programme in 2016, we observe that 9.4% suffer from an intellectual disability; 5.6%, physical disability; 4.3% su¬ffer a mental disorder; 5% are young people in care or previously in care; 5.1% have been deprived of freedom, and 24% belong to the young immigrant population.

2. Approach

Joint work between the organisations in a single territory favours the socio-occupational integration of young people at risk of social exclusion.

It is carried out through a network of 380 organisations that work hand in hand to facilitate employment opportunities. The Programme offers a broad list of services for young people that includes:

1. SERVICES FOR YOUNG PEOPLE: comprehensive assessment, design of individual career path, with the opportune mentoring. It also includes 150 Incorpora training points and 42 support points for self-employment.

2. SERVICES FOR COMPANIES: support is provided for the exercising of corporate social responsibility, pre-recruitment processes, monitoring of incorporation, advice, training and work experience according to the needs of companies. Shortly, through a programme co-funded by the European Social Fund, direct subsidies to companies for hiring young people will be facilitated.

3. Results

The results indicate that a good mentoring programme for young people influences the effectiveness of the occupational integration process.

During the year 2016, the Incorpora Programme attended to 22,473 young people, of whom 7,003 achieved occupational integration (31.2%). A total of 8,359 integrations and 174 self-employment initiatives. Some 47% of employment contracts went to women and the average duration of the contracts was between one and three months. Among the main areas of activity, worthy of highlight are catering and commerce (41.5%), unskilled young workers in services (17.2%) and labourers (13.1%). Some 16% of these young people presented a disability.
After ten years that the Incorpora Programme has been running, there are many challenges that have been tackled to give a response to a dynamic and changing reality in the field of occupation for young people.

Source: In-house production based on data from the ”la Caixa” Foundation Incorpora Programme online platform (data from 1 January to 31 December 2016), and on the Incorpora Model of Socio-Occupational Integration of ”la Caixa” Foundation, published in 2016.