Importance of having new ideas and being creative

This indicator tells us the degree to which people value being creative and having new ideas. The indicator is presented for different groups with the aim of observing the diversity of evaluation according to sex, age group and people with different educational levels and economic activities.

This indicator stems from a question included in the European Social Survey on human values in which respondents were offered the description of a hypothetical person for whom it is important to think up new ideas and be creative. The respondent must answer whether this hypothetical person is like him/her or not. The answer categories are the following: Not like me, Like me, and Neutral. Income level is presented in quintiles: incomes have been divided into five parts that are equal in percentage terms (which group together 20% of the income) giving rise to five quintiles. The first quintile includes citizens with the lowest incomes, and the fifth quintile those with the highest incomes.

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