Difficulty in access to cultural services by sex, age groups, income level and habitat

This indicator reflects the degree of difficulty perceived by citizens when accessing cultural services. These difficulties, which may be due to opening times, distance and other reasons, also offer a view of the degree of development of cultural services in different countries. The indicator is presented for different sociodemographic variables with the aim of seeing how this perception differs between different collectives.

This indicator stems from a question in the European Quality of Life Survey on the level of difficulty when accessing cultural services such as cinemas, theatres or cultural centres. The answer options are: Great difficulty, Some difficulty, Easily, Very easily and Service not used. The indicator is presented as a percentage of those who respond. Incomes have been divided into four parts that are equal in percentage terms (each grouping together 25% of income) giving rise to four quartiles. The first quartile includes citizens with lower incomes and the fourth quartile those with the highest incomes.

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