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Call to support research projects on social inequality (LL2020_5)



This call of the Social Observatory of ”la Caixa” aims to support social research projects on inequality and the social pact in Spain.

The call was open to quantitative research projects that could complete the entire path from hypotheses to conclusions within a maximum period of 6 months. The results of the research had to be presented in an outreach report that could be published by the Social Observatory of ”la Caixa”.

The projects and corresponding research leaders finally selected to receive support from the call were as follows:

  • Study of the evolution of immigrant-native wage gap for young workers in Spain 
    Begoña Cueto, Universidad de Oviedo

  • Moving in and out of in-work poverty in Spain: an analysis of transitions with a gender focus
    Alba Lanau, Centre d’Estudis Demogràfics

  • Inequality effects of the new Spanish minimum wage 
    Rafael Granell, Universitat de València

  • Inequality of Opportunity for Educational Achievement in Spain and Europe: Trends and Channels
    Gabriela Sicilia, Universidad de La Laguna

  • Income Inequality in Spain (1980-2020). A New Perspective from Distributional National Accounts 
    Miguel Artola, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

  • Minimum Income in Spain: Social Inequality, Aggregate, and Welfare Consequences
    Julián Díaz, Universidad de Granada

  • The redistributive role of cash disability benefits in Spain: a comparative European perspective
    Elena Bárcena, Universidad de Málaga

  • Dual labor markets and preferences for redistribution 
    Pilar Sorribas, Fundació Privada Institut d’Economia de Barcelona and Universitat de Barcelona

  • In-work benefits and minimum income protection in Spain 
    Aroa Tejero, Universidad de Oviedo

  • Intergenerational social mobility and territory in Spain
    Fernando Bruna, Universidade Da Coruña

Academic experts linked to the field of social sciences carried out the evaluation process of the proposals submitted. The projects were evaluated without the evaluation members being able to identify the authorship or affiliation of the competing researchers. The following researchers participated in the evaluation panel:

Balart, Pau - Universitat de les Illes Balears
Castro, Teresa - Instituto de Economía, Geografía y Demografía, CSIC
Gallego, Aina - Institut Barcelona d’Estudis Internacionals
Herrera, Manuel - Universidad Pablo de Olavide
Martínez,  Marta - Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
Onrubia, Jorge - Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Pasadas del Amo, Sara - Instituto de Estudios Avanzados, CSIC
Rodríguez, Jorge - Universitat Pompeu Fabra
Salazar, Leire - Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia
Vidal, Sergi - Centre Estudis Demogràficscs

Barcelona, 3 December 2020