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Invitation to present studies on immigration for the Social Observatory of “la Caixa”: Resolution



The Social Observatory of ”la Caixa” invited researchers interested in disseminating their research work among a non-academic audience to submit their papers (published articles, preprint or working papers) dealing with the subject of immigration.

The Observatory will convert the research papers selected into individual informative articles. For this, it will take on the editorial work and, when necessary, will provide the researcher with a drafting expert, to adapt the original text to a style that is accessible to a broader public. Each article will only be published when the researcher has agreed on the content and drafting.

The selection process of the proposals received was carried out by academic experts linked to the social sciences area and by the team of the Social Observatory of ”la Caixa”.

The papers finally selected were the following:

  • Immigrant locations and native residential preferences: Emerging ghettos or new communities? Albert Saiz (MIT); Jesús Fernández-Huertas Moraga (UC3M) and Ada Ferrer-i-Carbonell (IAE-CSIC, Barcelona GSE, IZA).

  • Inmigración y repoblación rural: el carácter multicultural de la nueva ruralidad. Luis Alfonso Camarero Rioja (UNED) and Rosario Sampedro (Universidad de Valladolid).

  • Searching for a better life: Predicting international migration with online search keywords.  Marcus Böhme (German Federal Ministry of Finance), Andre Gröger (UAB, Barcelona GSE, MOVE) and Tobias Stöhr (IfW, IZA).

  • Abandono escolar prematuro y alumnado de origen extranjero en España: ¿un problema invisible? Silvia Carrasco Pons, Laia Narciso, Jordi Pàmies and Angelina Sánchez (Equipo EMIGRA, UAB).

  • Understanding the Effects of Legalizing Undocumented Immigrants. Joan Monras, (UPF, Barcelona GSE); Javier Vázquez-Grenno (UB), and Ferran Elias (UB).

  • What’s in a Name? Measuring Access to Social Activities with a Field Experiment. Carlos Gomez-Gonzalez (UCLM); Cornel Nesseler (University of Zurich), and Helmut Dietl (University of Zurich).

  • Diversity in Spanish Politics? The Nomination of Immigrant-Origin Candidates and Dynamics of Descriptive Political Representation in Local Elections. Santiago Pérez-Nievas Montiel (UAM); Daniela Vintila, CEDEM, University of Liege; Marta Parades Martín (UAM) and Joan Carles Pamies Palazuelo (UAM).

  • The glories of immigration. How soccer wins shape opinion on immigration. Carlos Lago- Peñas (Universidad de Vigo) and Ignacio Lago (ICREA-UPF).


Barcelona, 12 November 2019