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Call to support a research project on the “brain drain”



The call has been open to social research projects that, will help to analyse the net effect of a “brain drain” on scientific activity in the country of origin by using quantitative techniques. 

The selection process of the proposals received was carried out by academic experts linked to the social sciences area. The projects have been evaluated without the evaluators knowing the authorship or the affiliation of the concurrent researchers.

The following researchers have been part of the selection process:

  • Elena Costas, ESADE

  • José García Montalvo, Universitat Pompeu Fabra

  • Ernest Miguélez, French National Centre for Scientific Research & GREThA-Université de Bordeaux

The project finally selected were the following:

  • El impacto de la fuga de talentos sobre la actividad científica en España: un análisis contrafactual
    Dr. Asier Minondo Uribeecheverria. Universidad de Deusto.



Barcelona, 27 January 2020.