Call to support research projects on the social impact of covid-19. LL20-1



The aim of the call was to support survey-based research that allows data to be obtained on the impact of the covid-19 pandemic on Spanish society.

The call was open to research projects that could complete the entire path from hypotheses to conclusions within a maximum period of 6 months and present the results of the research in an outreach article to be published by the Social Observatory of ”la Caixa”.

The selection process of the proposals received was conducted by academic experts linked to the field of social sciences. The projects were evaluated without the evaluators knowing the authorship or affiliation of the concurrent researchers.

The projects finally selected were as follows:

  • Unemployment, immigration and social inequality. A comparative analysis of the COVID-19 crisis and the 2008 Great Recession
    Jacobo Muñoz-Comet, Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia

  • COVID-19 & ERTE-20: From the health pandemic to employment pandemic
    Diego Dueñas Fernández, Universitat d’Alcalá

  • Loneliness and social isolation during the confinement: an epidemic inside the pandemic of COVID-19
    Juan Manuel García González, Universidad Pablo de Olavide

  • Has the COVID-19 pandemic deepened the gender gap in labour supply in Spain?
    Ainhoa Herrarte Sánchez, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

  • Life dissatisfaction, COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown in Spain 
    María Rosalía Vicente Cuervo, Universidad de Oviedo

The following researchers participated in the selection process:

Balart, Pau - Universitat de las Islas Baleares
Durán, José María - Universitat de Barcelona
Foremny, Dirk - Universitat de Barcelona
Gil, Carlos - European University Institute Florence
Gorjón, Lucía - Fundación ISEAK
Gracia, Pablo - Trinity College Dublin
Herrera, Manuel - Universidad Pablo de Olavide
Martín, José Moisés - Universidad Camilo José Cela
Martínez, Marta - Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
Todeschini, Federico - Universitat Pompeu Fabra
Vallès, Núria - UniversitatAutónoma de Barcelona
Vidal, Sergi - Centre d’Estudis Demogràfics, UAB
Villar, Feliciano - Universitat de Barcelona

Barcelona, 14 September 2020